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McDonagh Funeral Directors

At McDonagh Funeral Directors we have worked hard to ensure that our funeral home is a comforting and welcoming environment. Visiting a funeral home can sometimes be a daunting experience, but we have endeavoured to create a calming, soothing space. 

In Castlerea, we have a large premise that allows us to offer a wide range of services and functions. We have a large foyer and reception/waiting room as well as bathroom facilities and tea and coffee facilities. We also have an on-site showroom, which we believe helps to ease the process of funeral arrangements as you need only visit one location. At McDonagh Funeral Directors we accommodate all faiths and denominations at our funeral home and have a beautiful and spacious service room. 

In addition to our main viewing room, we are very proud to offer a private family room. After family, friends, colleagues, neighbours and all other mourners have said their goodbyes we then move the coffin to a private viewing room. This viewing room is only available to the deceased’s immediate family. This gives those closest to the deceased the chance to say their goodbyes in a private and personal moment, without an audience or spectators. We understand how emotional this can be and while we cannot completely take away your grief, we can do everything in our power to provide you with dignity and respect on an extremely difficult occasion.

McDonagh Funeral Directors strive to do everything with compassion and understanding. As such we have a policy of never closing a coffin or casket in front of family members. We wait until everyone has said their goodbyes, move the coffin from public view and then the lid will be closed.