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McDonagh Funeral Directors

Our Deepest Sympathies

“They who we love and lose are no longer where they were before they are now………..wherever we are”

First Steps

McDonagh Funeral Directors

No one can ever be fully prepared for the emotional toll and stress that is caused by the death of a loved one. At McDonagh Funeral Directors we know that you need all the advice and support that you can get. We are experienced professionals who understand what you are going through and will thoughtfully handle all aspects of the funeral arrangement with empathy and kindness. Many of the clients we work with are planning a funeral for the very first time. The stress and concern that can bring only makes the grieving process all the more difficult. It can be hard to know what you need to do first. McDonagh Funeral Directors’s aim to make the arrangement of a funeral as simple as possible and have outlined below the first steps to take when a loved one passes away.

At Home

McDonagh Funeral Directors

If the death was expected then it is likely that a GP has recently seen to the deceased. The initial call after a death should be made to this GP who will visit the home and confirm that death has occurred. 

If you need to call the GP out of hours you may be directed to a locum doctor. The locum doctor can confirm the death, but the GP should be informed of the occurrence the following morning. 

Once the death has been confirmed get in touch with McDonagh Funeral Directors and we will begin to make the necessary arrangements.

In Hospital, Hospice, or Nursing Home

McDonagh Funeral Directors

Usually, a doctor will be in attendance or will be called by the nursing team to confirm that a death has occurred. In some cases, a post-mortem examination may be required. The doctor can then advise you on the next steps to take. 

If a post-mortem is not necessary then you can contact us here at McDonagh Funeral Directors and we’ll take over the planning.

Sudden or Unexpected Death

McDonagh Funeral Directors

A sudden or unexpected death should be reported to your nearest Garda station, no matter where they happen. The Gardaí may wish to refer the death to a coroner and a post-mortem or autopsy may be required. If an autopsy is required there can be a delay of 1 or 2 days before funeral arrangements can begin to take place. 

Once the death has been reported you should get in touch with McDonagh Funeral Directors to look after the funeral planning.


Contact McDonagh Funeral Directors for any and all funeral arrangements. We are happy to answer any questions about the planning process.

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